Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party photoMy sister in-law, Melissa, is getting married in June and we went to Atlantic City, NJ for her bachelorette party weekend.  I had not been to a bachelorette party in so long, the last one We stayed at Revel, the newest hotel in Atlantic City.  So new it doesn’t open until Memorial Day weekend.  I had such a fun weekend.  It was nice to only have to dress myself, lounge around and watch TV for more then three minutes, eat food I didn’t cook myself, and spend uninterrupted time with Melissa and the rest of her bachelorette party.  I love my girls endlessly, but it was nice to have some me-time for 2-days.

Bachelorette Party photoThe first night we had dinner at American Cut, a steakhouse where the head chef is Iron Chef Marc Forgione.  The food was delicious.  We ate filet, porterhouse, and halibut with Sauce Proposal (a sauce so good Chef Marc has received multiple marriage proposals…I ate it, it is that good).  Chef Marc was in the restaurant that day and we pulled him away for a minute in the kitchen to take a picture with Melissa.  He also came to our table to apologize for a steak that was overcooked.

Bachelorette Party photoAfter dinner we headed to watch a cover band play.  They were really good and the songs they sang were awesome.  We all had our shoes off dancing.

Bachelorette Party photoMelissa and Cheryl taking a moment on the dance floor to pose for the camera.

Bachelorette Party photoAnd of course if you are partying with Melissa there will be shots at some point during the night.

Bachelorette Party photoSomething scandalous is going on here.

Bachelorette Party photoMelissa and Annmarie not doing something scandalous.

Bachelorette Party photoCheryl and Annmarie lifted Melissa onto the stage (even though there were stairs) so she could sing with the band.

Bachelorette Party photoI mean really sing with the band…

Bachelorette Party photoBrunch the next day.  We were tired, slow, hungry, and all of us took naps afterwards.

Bachelorette Party photoAfter an afternoon of spa treatments and lounging, we started getting ready for another big night of dinner, drinking, and dancing.  I love this picture of Lynn doing Melissa’s makeup.  They both look so pretty.

Bachelorette Party photoMelissa deciding which Louboutin’s to wear.  There is no wrong decision here.

Bachelorette Party photoChampagne toast before going out dancing.

Bachelorette Party photoWe went to Ivan Kane’s Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub inside the hotel to dance and party after dinner.

Bachelorette Party photoMelissa and Cheryl posing for the camera on the dance floor.

Bachelorette Party photoMe with the bride-to-be.

Bachelorette Party photoThe Long Island Girls!  So much fun partying with them.

Bachelorette Party photoLynn, Jeannie, and Alycia.  Can you believe Jeannie had a baby 10 weeks ago?!

Bachelorette Party photoGroup shot!  I think I’m the only one not wearing something shiny.

Bachelorette Party photoThe DJ needed some help with the music.  He didn’t look up once.  If he did, he would have noticed that no one was dancing.  Katie and Sienna got up on stage to help him out and the music was much better.

Bachelorette Party photoMelissa and Annmarie.

Bachelorette Party photoKimbie and I.  It was great to hang out with my sister this weekend.

Bachelorette Party photo

Melissa!  Thanks for a super fun weekend in Atlantic City!  Can’t wait to party like a rock star again at your wedding!


  • Mrs. Pancakes

    What a fun bachelorette party!!

  • Cynthia

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